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Economic Impact Analysis


Economic Impact Analysis

As the entitlement and funding processes become more sophisticated, regulatory groups, funders and the public have become interested in the potential growth, fiscal and economic implications of development projects: How will it affect taxes? Will it increase population? How many new jobs will be created? Using advanced modeling software, our studies look beyond the obvious to assess the indirect impacts of development. Services include:





Featured Economic Impact Analysis Work

Lunch in the sun at a classic American ski area, Arizona Snowbowl

Arizona Snowbowl EIS – Flagstaff, Arizona

Comprehensive analysis designed to assess the socioeconomic, growth and economic impacts of a major ski area improvement project – including the installation of a snowmaking system and mountain expansion projects. Our analysis assessed the potential for the projects to increase visitation, tourism spending and ultimately increase regional employment. In addition, we assessed the links between the ski area and the Flagstaff economy. Report used in USFS-EIS process that attracted a significant amount of public interest and comment.

Hunter Mountain peeking through the Western New York landscape

Hunter Mountain DEIS – Hunter, New York

Economic analysis of a proposed major ski facility improvement and snowmaking project intended to increase Hunter’s competitive position and increase skier-visits. Our analysis included an historic assessment of the mountain’s snowmaking program and its relationship to skier-visits. The projections assessed current/potential future resort visits and related spending in order to project regional employment impacts. The results were used in New York’s DEIS process.

Eldora Mountain Resort's laid back vibes beckons skiers from the Boulder and Denver markets

Eldora Mountain Resort – Nederland, Colorado

Eldora’s multi-faceted mountain plan included the development of new ski terrain, construction of new ski lifts and creation of new skier service facilities. Our economic impact assessment covered several plan alternatives, with a focus on employment and income creation as the related to the increment in resort visitation that was projected to occur in response to facility improvements. Our report and findings were used in the EIS process for the project.


Exit One Industrial Park – Brattleboro, Vermont

A proposal to make a substantial investment in an expansion of an industrial park could only occur if the project had the potential to create significant new employment. The project, which was designed to create two new industrial lots, that would accommodate approximately 150,000 square feet of manufacturing space. In a region where manufacturing jobs are on the decline, new employment in this sector is critical. Our research and economic modeling showed that the project would cumulatively create over 1,200 jobs – a significant boon for the Brattleboro area.